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What is DerivaDEX?

DerivaDEX is a DAO that consists of on-chain settlement and off-chain, trusted hardware-enabled operations (matching, liquidation, price feeds). We utilize an open order book architecture as opposed to AMMs. The exchange can synthetically represent any underlying asset. A (sane) liquidity-mining token model rewards users for trading and increases their governance/operational ownership of the exchange.

The result: an exchange that is built for the user, controlled by the user; traders are provided with the unparalleled censorship-resistant market access, speed and efficiency, security of funds, and liquidity they demand.

What is DDX token good for?

The DDX token is used in governance of the DerivaDEX platform. For example, parameters that govern the insurance fund, product offering decisions, and other governance-layer decisions. The DDX token can also be used to get better rates on trading fees.

What determines the value of DDX token?

The value of the DDX token will be it’s use for governance of the DerivaDEX platform and for fee reduction. It is not a fundraising device or an investment opportunity.

Is DDX a security?

No. The DDX token is used to enable users to make governance decisions relating to the DerivaDEX platform.

List of investors

Polychain Capital
Dragonfly Capital Partners
Electric Capital
CMS Holdings
Coinbase Ventures
Three Arrows Capital
Calvin Liu
Meltem Demirors
Phil Daian (Advisor)